Spools of Copper Wire Found in Little Rock Believed Stolen

Spools of Copper Wire Found in Little Rock Believed Stolen

Police are working to determine who can claim ownership of them.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Some spools of copper wire found in possession of a local man are believed to have been stolen and have been confiscated by police.

Photos of the spools have been released in an attempt to find their rightful owner.

The man in question has been caught twice with spools of the wiring and could not provide proof they belonged to him, according to the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD).

The first incident investigated by police dates back to January at an address on Stagecoach Road. That's where police found the man burning the insulation off brand new spools of wire. Police found nine spools of undamaged wire and five to six spools that had already been burned.

The spools were seized by officers and stored in the LRPD property room. The man who had the spools was told to provide copies of proof of ownership to be able to get them back. 

In the meantime, police put out a flyer seeking to locate anyone who had reported the spools as stolen. 

In another incident, the same man was stopped in a city park after dark and officers found he again had nine spools and this time they were wrapped in cellophane. Again, police confiscated them, stored them in their property room and advised the man to provide proof of ownership.

Since then, the man has tried to pick up the spools from police several times but has been turned down because he had no paperwork for them.

The spools are valued at about $566 each and have scrap value of considerably less at $150, say police.

The LRPD says if no victim is found, the spools must be released to the man.
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