Standoff Ends, Little Rock Homeowner Taken into Custody

Standoff Ends, Little Rock Homeowner Taken into Custody

Incident in neighborhood just off Stagecoach Road ends after three hours.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Lines of cruisers and heavy machinery could be spotted all down Chateaus Lane in Little Rock Tuesday morning. 

That's because police negotiators spent nearly three hours trying to convince a homeowner who holed himself up to come out.

"Nerve-racking. That is what it was like," said a neighbor, who didn't want to be identified.

The neighbor called police around four o'clock in the morning when she looked outside and saw something that looked like a burglary in progress.

"It was someone looked like they were breaking into vehicles with a flashlight," the neighbor said.

When police arrived, they found a door kicked in. They went in but went right back out after hearing someone and spotting weapons.

Negotiators showed up after police learned the homeowner barricaded himself in the attic and told police he would not come out.

"Our purpose for being out here, after we learned it was the homeowner, is to determine what exactly is going on with the homeowner," Sgt. Cassandra Davis said.

Davis said police have gone to the house before for domestic issues. Neighbors say fights take place here often, and they see people coming in and out with guns.

"Folks have been so fearful to come out of the house and let their kids out of the house," the unidentified neighbor said.

The man came out in a peaceful surrender. Folks living in the area, say they hope this isn't over.

"I hope they shut the house down so the neighborhood can get peaceful," the neighbor said.

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