Storms Putting Crews On High Alert

Storms Putting Crews On High Alert

Heavy rain leaving behind a mess for clean up crews this week and prompting emergency rescues.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Heavy rain throughout Central Arkansas causing quite a mess this week and it's keeping crews on high alert.

"We have everyone reassigned to drainage and tree or tree limb, debris removal from the storm," said Mark Jacobi, Little Rock Public Works.

Little Rock Public Works are prepared for the next phase of the storm. Clean up efforts are already underway at other parks. Crews have been busy since the first call around 5:30pm Monday evening.

"Parks and recreation is quick to respond to those and get them cleaned up," said Jacobi.

Even fire stations are on standby. The storm is causing problems for drivers, prompting rescues.

"We had 3 water rescues within the hour, a few lightening strikes, a couple of fires with those and some trees fell on a couple of cars," said Little Rock Fire Department Capt. Randy Hickmon.

Firefighters rescued four people from a couple of cars swamped on La Harpe as well as I-30 and Roosevelt.

"The water was up to the doors where it caused the car to die in the water," said Capt. Hickmon.

Construction is at a standstill on I-430 and I-630 as well. State transportation officials said when it rains, all lanes remain open as a safety precaution. They will continue work once the storm clears.

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