Surveillance Video Shows Violent Encounter in Pine Bluff Walmart

Surveillance Video Shows Violent Encounter in Pine Bluff Walmart

A man pulled a gun Thursday after being struck.

Thursday Update:

PINE BLUFF, AR- Investigators has charged Herbert Harris with assaulting James Heath at the electronic section at Wal-Mart. 

Heath drew his weapon in response to the attack. 

Mr. Heath had a gun carry permit. 

Harris is being charged with 3rd degree battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Pine Bluff Police have released surveillance video of the incident.


PINE BLUFF, AR- Pine Bluff Police say a man is charged with Battery after hitting another man in a Walmart at the pharmacy counter.

The second man produced a gun.

A police officer had just gotten off work and was shopping at the store when the incident happened, he responded and took the initial attacker into custody.

The man with the gun was questioned, and showed his concealed carry license.

The names of the people involved have not been released.

The investigation is continuing.

Original story:

PINE BLUFF, AR- Police responded to a number of calls from Wal-Mart that someone had a gun.

Officers say they arrived and following protocol called for backup. 

The Walmart manager ordered an evacuation of the store for the safety of the customers.

Officers have taken the suspect into custody.  

At this time the suspect is being questioned.

The investigation is continuing.

We'll have more details as the investigation progresses

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