Coca Cola Workers Protest After Employee Makes Threats

Coca Cola Workers Protest After Employee Makes Threats

About 30 Coca Cola employees walked off the job to protest, after an employee made threats and returned to work.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Coca Cola employees in Little Rock are protesting against the company, after they said a colleague made a threat last week.

About 30 workers temporarily walked off the job saying they're upset the employee returned to work after threatening to kill a supervisor. Workers say their colleague is still under investigation and should not have came back until the case was closed.

Employees who walked off in protest said they were told to work or get fired.

"I'm very shaken up because it kind of scares me," said Chuck Wade, Coca Cola employee. "I wanna go home now so bad, but my family's state overturns that. I am the provider for my family."

Workers told us they fear for their lives. We talked to a Coca Cola spokesman onsite who said the company has no comment at this time.
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