Labor Day Sales Steady For Some Business

People are taking advantage of Labor Day sales nationwide, some local businesses though say other events have kept sales steady.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Shoppers nationwide are taking advantage of Labor Day sales this weekend.

Businesses are marking down items and having liquidation sales for the holiday. Furniture stores are especially seeing some extra foot traffic this holiday, mattresses being the hot item this season.

One store in Little Rock says Labor Day sales is steady but haven't been as busy as last year.

Workers say kids going back to school and the Razorbacks kicking off the football season on Saturday has been keeping shoppers preoccupied.

"This time of the year, people buy mattresses and in about two more months, it'll be dining tables, chairs, just dining stuff," said Joe Byrd of Butler Furniture Depot.

Labor Day sales usually start the week before Labor Day. Depending on the business, sales can extend long after the holiday.

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