Daughter of Murder Victim Requests Harsh Penalties

Daughter of Murder Victim Requests Harsh Penalties

The daughter of an Arkansas man found shot dead in a ditch Tuesday is demanding justice.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- The daughter of an Arkansas man found shot dead in a ditch Tuesday is demanding justice. Lynnette Marie is pushing for harsh penalties for her father's killer.

Police in Jackson County found 66-year-old Harold Hager with a gunshot wound to the head on Jackson County Road 42 on Tuesday. Marie still feeling numb about the ordeal.

"Murder, of course nobody expects murder, but the way my dad was and the way he was, a huge advocate for guns, yes his gun killed him, but that is not what killed him," said Lynnette Marie, murder victim's daughter.

Despite her father's murder, Marie continues to advocate for gun rights. She believes things would've been different if her father was carrying one at the time of the murder. Now she wants two Jonesboro men to pay for their actions.

21-year-old Christopher Lee and 20-year-old Garrett Chamblis were charged in connection to the shooting death.

"Let's get our America back, lets put hardcore criminals behind bars and lets stop letting repeat offenders repeat," said Marie.

Marie believes both men should've never been let out of jail. She says her father was in jail and that's where he met on of the accused killers. She said Hager talked to him about his guns and how he was interested in selling them.

"He had 30 guns and he had reloaders, not for violent stuff, but he is a preparedness person. They were after his guns, his truck and trailer," explained Marie.

Now, Marie wants to see justice served, "We're letting criminals out because they know what they're doing."

"So you'd like to see these two young men face the death penalty?" asked FOX 16's Susanne Brunner.

"Absolutely, absolutely and that's what I'm going to be pushing for and I'll be working with all the prosecutors, I'll be taking this message far and wide because that is exactly what they need to be," said Marie.

Bond for each suspect is set at $500,000 dollars. Lee and Chamblis are expected to appear in court on September 19th.

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