Saline Co GOP Requests Sheriff Pennington To Resign

Saline Co GOP Requests Sheriff Pennington To Resign

The Saline County Republican Party votes no confidence in its Sheriff Bruce Pennington and are asking he step down.
SALINE COUNTY, AR -- The Saline County Republican party made a vote of no confidence in Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington on Thursday night.

The group is also requesting the sheriff to step down immediately.

This vote comes after the sheriff pleaded guilty last Monday to misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and public intoxication. Documents released to us on Thursday show Sheriff Pennington has been using the Saline County Sheriff's Department credit card and campaign account for personal use.

The credit card history lists purchases on food, a vacuum, hotel and other items that are being paid off with campaign funds. Some of the purchases listed in these documents range between 12 bucks to $245.

"My campaign funds were depleted, and I haven't gone out of seeking funds from anyone. That money that was in there has been placed in there by me. I didn't see an issue with using that account to pay for anything," Pennington said.

A purchase that's raising questions is one made in the first week of August at a Louisiana casino. The purchase was made during the same time Pennington said he entered into an inpatient treatment facility to address his personal issues.

Even after the GOP's vote, Pennington says he's not going anywhere that by law he can remain in office until the end of his term. He also plans on seeking reelection. He says he's received an outpour of support from his supporters who have begged him not to retire.

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