Suspect Leads Police on Chase before Driving in the Arkansas River

Little Rock firefighters sent water rescuers the Arkansas River to get a police officer and a driver involved in a chase.
A Paragould man has been hospitalized in Little Rock after police say he led officers on a chase that ended in the Arkansas River at Murray Park.

The 39-year-old was behind the wheel of a 2011 Chevrolet Impala sedan that sped off Rebsamen Park Road onto the adjacent golf course before rolling on into the water, police say.

Little Rock Police say the man who led officers on a chase that ended in the Arkansas River at Murray Park will he held for his own safety for the next few days after saying he wanted to kill himself.

The police report reveals the following details:

The car was first spotted driving in circles in a parking lot in Rebsamen Park. When a patrol car drove over to the vehicle, with lights flashing, the driver did not stop.

The chase went from the park to a nearby dog park and onto the Rebsamen Park Golf Course, where it picked up speed before the driver ended up in the river.

At that point, it became a rescue operation to get the man out of his sinking car.

Several officers jumped into the water and one of them was able to reach him and guide him to the north side of the riverbank. Both were brought out of the water by a fire department boat.

The man reportedly told police he drove into the river because he wanted to kill himself.

After being treated at the hospital, doctors ordered him for the next three days for his own safety.

The chase lasted 21 minutes and no officers were injured.
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