Suspected flasher in jail

Suspected flasher in jail

A man is in jail charged with exposing himself to a teenager while she walked home from the bus stop.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - A man is in jail charged with exposing himself to a teenager while she walked home from the bus stop.

Little Rock Police say they caught the flasher moments after it happened because of increased patrols in the area due to other reports of similar incidents in the same area.

Brandon Runion, 33, is in the Pulaski County Jail charged with sexual solicitation and indecency of a child, but police say more charges could be filed if more people can provide additional information. Little Rock Police say Runion is also a suspect in several other flashing incidents in the same neighborhood.

Roger Johnson's daughter got off the bus Friday afternoon, walking home from school along Evergreen Street. That’s when police say Runion got out of a car and exposed himself to Johnson's daughter.

"It scared her. It horrified her. She didn't know what to do. She said she was walking down the road and he came out of nowhere doing those nasty things."

Police say Runion took off running, but detectives caught him near Mount Saint Mary's Academy. After several reports of a flasher in the neighborhood, police increased patrols in that area.
Johnson is grateful police were there.

"It was like she had a guardian angel. They were there at the right time, the right moment."

Police suspect Runion is the same flasher involved in several other incidents dating back to April. Reports describe a man wearing a mask and a hoodie exposing himself to children in an alley near the 3400 block of Lee Avenue.

Runion has also been in trouble with North Little Rock Police. He was arrested on indecent exposure charges in 2009. Johnson hopes by sharing his daughter's story, other parents with children will be more aware. Johnson is moving his daughter's bus stop so she won't ever be alone again. Johnson says his daughter was lucky this time the situation wasn't worse, and he hopes this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"I'm glad they caught him, but not do it again? That's questionable."

Runion pled not guilty in court Monday morning. His bond is set at $100,000. His next court appearance is November 19th. Anyone with information about any of the flashing incidents is asked to call police.

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