Teacher's union takes PCSSD to court

Teacher's union takes PCSSD to court

The union for Pulaski County Teachers is taking the Pulaski County Special School District to court.
Unionized teachers in Pulaski County are taking the district to court.  It's the latest move in a back and forth struggle between classroom teachers and the school board.  Teachers say it's pretty simple. The district isn't holding up their end of the agreement with teachers.  So they're taking the dispute out of the classroom and into the courtroom.

Teachers Union Leadership hope the three page lawsuit are the last word.  They are suing PCSSD for breach of contract, a direct response to a vote to no longer recognize unions last week.

"It was an irrational decision on the board's part and sometimes things like this happen because of it," PACT president Marty Nix said.

The suit says failing to recognize the union violates the teachers contract. As does the decision to raise all employees salaries.  "It's disappointing its going to court but the board has had to make some tough decisions," PCSSD interim superintendent Rob McGill said.

A lot of decisions are coming quickly, including the hiring of 20 substitutes late last week following a one day work stoppage by half the districts teachers.

"We have some issues to deal with but we are not in crisis," McGill says. "We are teaching children everyday."  Superintendent Rob McGill says he stands behind the school board's decisions even as the union takes legal action.

"They agreed this is the contract we're working under, but they're not abiding by it," Nix responded.

What the contract means now is up for the courts to decide.  The union filed a lawsuit Tuesday at 4:30 accusing the district of breach of contract when it voted to not recognize it anymore. 

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