Teen Boy Hit by Car in Pulaski County Dies, Suspect Drove Away

Teen Boy Hit by Car in Pulaski County Dies, Suspect Drove Away

Deputies with the sheriff's office are looking for the hit and run suspect after the incident on Willow Springs Road. The vehicle is described as a white 4-door sedan, possibly a Chevrolet. The vehicle should have damage to the right front.
PULASKI COUNTY, AR - All day, Marilyn Faver has been surrounded by her son Masen's friends, but their role today is a reminder that her 15-year-old won't be coming home.

"He was your typical American teenager. He was rebellious, but he was a sweet boy," Marilyn Faver said.

Her sweet boy's life ended Thursday night. According to investigators, Masen and his friend were walking along Willow Springs Road when a speeding car approached them. It struck Masen, and he ended up in a ditch. The driver kept on going!

"I think it would be considered an accident had they stopped and tried to help him but they didn't," Faver said.

Masen's friend called for help, and he held the injured teen until paramedics arrived. Doctors couldn't save him.

"I don't think these people realize what they've done to me, to his friends, and to my family," Faver said.

The speed limit on Willow Springs Road is 35 miles per hour, but neighbors say drivers go much faster.

"It makes me want to come out and dig a ditch across the road to make them slow down," Roma Hill said.

Marilyn Faver finds comfort holding on to her son's favorite hat, but she says it's not supposed to be this way.  She'd rather be holding him.

"I don't think it's fair they just get to drive away and leave him in a ditch like they hit a dog. He was more than that. So much more than that," Faver said.

If anyone has information, call the PCSO at (501) 340-6963.
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