Teen volunteers build wheelchair ramp for Cabot man

Teen volunteers build wheelchair ramp for Cabot man

Five young teens change one man's life forever with a little time and a lot of sweat.

CABOT, AR - Working seven hour days in triple digit temperatures, five amateur carpenters are learning as they go all for David Green.

Green is an amputee who has survived seven strokes. Now, he's bed-ridden and fully dependent on his friend and caretaker, Sue Windham.

"He wouldn't eat for three to four days at a time because there was no one there to bring him anything to eat," said Windham.

After calling every hospital, insurance agency and non-profit group she could find, Windham ran out of options.

"I knew that if he did not get some help, he was going to die," she said.

And then came the Ozark Mission Project - a group of campers whose fees pay for supplies to complete projects like a much-needed ramp for Green.

"I can walk and run and do whatever I want but he can't even get out of bed," said Camper Seth Long.

Before this group of volunteers came along, Green's only way in and out of his house was to be carried up and down an old set of rotting stairs.

"I didn't believe it at first," said Green. "I just thought Sue was pulling my leg and I don't have but one good one to pull!"

Green's kitchen consists of a single refrigerator. The bedroom light switch is on the ceiling and unreachable for Green. Even if he could get into his wheelchair by himself, it doesn't fit into the bathroom. But thanks to five young volunteers, he'll soon be able to leave his house.

"I'm happy to be sweating because I'm sweating to change his life," said Long.

"I can't believe people are so nice out there," said Windham. "You just don't find this every day."

"Folks don't usually do stuff like this for me," said Green. "And I appreciate every one of you."

Campers with the Ozark Mission Project are stationed throughout the state working on projects just like this one. This summer, campers will build 11 wheelchair ramps in the Cabot area, alone. To get involved, visit www.ozarkmissionproject.org

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