Teenager accused of sexting a minor

A 12-year-old girl turns her phone over to police after receiving inappropriate messages - and the victim's mother says the suspect has been doing much worse than that.
Investigators say a phone is filled with text messages asking for naked pictures of it's 12-year-old owner - and the requests come from someone 17 at the time.

"The suspect was sending pictures of his genitals to a 12 year old," said Captain Matt Rice with the Faulkner County Sheriff's Department.

The victim's mother wanted to stay anonymous to protect her daughter's identity, but she spoke to Fox16 about the case.

"He wanted pictures of her whole body," she said. "He spells it out in every one of them what's he's wanting."

But according to the victim's mother, the texts messages are the just the beginning.

"[Investigators] took his phone," she said. "We were called in there to see if we could identify any of the other children because there were almost 300 pictures of girls between the ages of 9,10, all the way up."

Captain Rice can't confirm or deny if any other minors are involved but he does say this is not an out of the ordinary case, citing the department gets at least two to three sexting reports each week.

The Faulkner County prosecuting attorney is decided what charges, if any, to file.
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