Testimony continues in Conway shooting trial

Testimony continues in Conway shooting trial

Testimony today in the Cortez Waller murder trial is so emotional, not only do witnesses cry on the stand, so do people in the courtroom.
CONWAY, AR - Cortez Waller walks into the courthouse for what would be a very emotional day of testimony.

He had no comment on the victim’s girlfriend, Deranda Carter, taking the stand to testify.

Today, Carter looked a lot like she did back on July 15, 2010, the day of the shooting - very emotional.

"I can't believe he's gone, Mama." Carter said.

She told the court she cheated on Childress, the father of her three children, with Waller. Then, prosecutors played the video of the shooting.

It shows Waller in the black car parking, and Carter, Childress, and their kids are in the SUV pulling up behind them.

In the video, Childress gets out of the vehicle and approaches Waller. Waller shoots him. From there, Waller walks into the Conway Police Department and is cuffed by officers. Carter saw the whole thing and talked about why Childress confronted Waller.

"Just to confront him,” Carter said. “He didn't have no weapon or anything."

Today in court, Carter told jurors she begged Childress not to pull up behind Waller's car. Before this happened, she claims she told Childress he'd end up in jail. Not only did Carter cry on the stand, some people in the courtroom cried watching her.

"It was very emotional testimony by Deranda Carter and anyone would feel sorry for her under the circumstances and we certainly are sympathetic to her position,” Waller’s attorney Frank Shaw said. “It’s just one of those ones where there's a lot of emotion. It’s all genuine. Nobody's putting on airs or show. It’s just a tough case to try."
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