Texas Group Gets Involved In Kali Hardig Fight For Life

Group will send nose plugs to Central Arkansas.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--Friday, hundreds of nose plugs will be headed to Central Arkansas to raise awareness about parasitic meningitis.

The shipment stems from the fight of 12-year-old Kali Hardig,  who got the brain eating amoeba from swimming.

Doctors say to prevent the illness  wear nose plugs. 

An organization from Texas, called Kyle Cares, is sending the nose plugs to the family to help educate others.

One of the founders, Jeremy Lewis, lost his son Kyle to the sickness in 2010.

"We order nose plugs by the thousands and its our mission to give away as many as we can for free. In our case, it would have taken a dollar and fifty cent nose plug to save our sons life, had we only known about it.," said Lewis.

Doctors say Kali is doing better and could be out of ICU Friday.
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