Toad Suck Daze Organizers Anticipate a Cold, Good Time

Stuck on a Truck started at noon Thursday with 23 people trying to keep their hands on a truck to win it.

CONWAY, AR- The 36th Annual Toad suck Daze Festival in Conway is this weekend.

Crews are preparing and getting everything set up tonight in the rain.

One of the main attractions is already underway.

Stuck on a Truck started at noon today with 23 people trying to keep their hands on a truck to win it.

Luckily they have a tent sheltering them from the rain.

Others aren't so lucky.

"It usually rains at least one day during Toad Suck Daze, at least it has the last couple years so it's something we're getting used to," says Mary Margaret Satterfield, the Director of Events.

Drenched crews scramble to complete the stage area while others pull cable and assemble carnival rides.

The work looks miserable in the rain, but the pay off is the promise of fun.

"It'll probably be the coldest Toad Suck we've had but probably after last years 100 degree heat I think it'll be ok and during the day I think it's going to be really good."

Luckily, Stuck on a Truck participants have shelter from the rain.

Eric King, Stuck on a Truck Pit Boss says "this is even worse than its ever been, cold as its going to be, we've had real hot weather, bad storms, but as far as cold weather this might be a first."

Cold temperatures could mean a quick wardrobe change during a break.

"With the cold wearer by the time you throw on gloves and hats and ear muffs it might be worse on your standing."

It's almost a tradition, weather conditions not ideal for Toad Suck Daze.

Last year: record heat, this year: could be record cold.

One thing new this year, the Toad Suck app for your phone to get all the festivals details.

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