Tony Alamo compound in Fouke searched again

Tony Alamo compound in Fouke searched again

Arkansas. An Arkansas State Police spokesperson says investigators wanted to search the Alamo compound gymnasium, but would not say what they were looking for.
State Police investigators at Alamo compound
State Police investigators at Alamo compound
State Police invetigator speaks with a woman outside Alamo compound
State Police invetigator speaks with a woman outside Alamo compound
State police are going over evidence collected after raiding the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries headquarters in Fouke. This is the second time in less than five weeks that authorities have executed a search warrant on the compound in Miller County. State Police confirmed officers were back at the complex for several hours, however, they are being tight lipped about what was found.

"I'm not going to talk about specifics right now, because it's a state investigation, but we are executing a state search warrant, and in as much time as evidence is revealed, I'm sure you all will know about it," says Glenn Sligh, with the Arkansas State Police.

During the raid in September, federal and state agents took six young girls into custody on concerns they were in immediate danger. As police searched the compound, Alamo was in a federal courtroom where a judge ruled he will stay in prison.

Alamo is now awaiting his November trial on two counts of taking children across state lines for sex. While his followers feel the ruling is an injustice, some who live in Fouke say they are relieved he's still in jail.

The judge decided to keep Tony Alamo in jail because he says Alamo is a possible flight risk and poses some violence.

"The government's biggest bone of contention is that he was supposedly on the lame for a few months back in 1989," says John Wesley Hall, Alamo's attorney.

The judge wants Tony Alamo to remain in jail until trial for other reasons, too. He heard from a woman who claims Alamo made her his wife when she was 17 and that he practiced polygamy. She went on to say Alamo has had a wife as young as nine years old. Then there is an 18 year old boy who left the compound last year. He testified Alamo ordered severe beatings of children including himself.

Hearing this the judge says, despite the testimony of Alamo's private assistant of his poor health, no terms of release would ensure Alamo will show up for trial or not be a danger.

People against Alamo agree.

"With me having children there its very concerning, I could barely contain myself. My kids are liable to be beat like that," says Anthony Lane.

"We're not for women and children being mistreated," says Doyle House.

Hall, Alamo's attorney, doesn't believe Alamo is a danger or a flight risk. Alamo's followers are upset about the ruling and the accusations made in court.

"False witnesses, liars, that they had testifying against him."

"I've known him for 38 years, he's helped people, helped the community, he helped my wife she had a heart operation, it saved her life," says Neil Payne.

If found guilty of the two felony charge alamo faces a $250,000 fine and at least ten years on each charge.alamo goes to trial november 19th.

The FBI and State Police raided Alamo's Fouke compound on september 20th. The Department of Human Services took six girls into custody. Authorities arrested Alamo in Arizona September 25th, he's now in federal lock-up in Texarkana.
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