Tornado Touches Down In Dumas

Tornado Touches Down In Dumas

Storm determined EF1.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- The National Weather Service confirms a tornado touched down in Dumas Wednesday.
The Emergency Management Coordinator said the scope of the storm's damage continues to grow. The number they can safely say is at least 45 homes were damaged.

Volunteers with Arkansas' Red Cross were out in full force.

"Ya'll ready? let's go let's roll," one volunteer said.

They rolled out to sites, where just a few days ago a tornado ripped through the area.

"You have water?" another asked as he made sure the victim's had everything they needed.

The National Weather services said they follow a process with storms like this.

First determine if it was in fact a tornado, then they rate it, and lastly they track it's start and end point.

"They were here the night that it happened," said Kim Donaldson who said she's more than grateful after being taken completely by surprise by this twister.

"American Red Cross has been awesome," said Daniel French, who was helping clear damage from his grandparent's property. "Since the first day they've been out helping with food and water we absolutely appreciate them."


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