Tougher cell phone rules in schools

The Little Rock School District Board of Directors held a special meeting to discuss tougher cell phone rules.
The Little Rock School District Board of Directors held a special board meeting to discuss revision to the student cell phone policy. A group of teachers and parents would like to see possession and use of personal electronic devices banned from school.

According to the group, cell phones have continuously created problems for the Little Rock School District, and have caused administrative concerns.

They say, the use of a cell phone by a student during the school day is disruptive to the learning environment. It provides the potential for sharing information on tests and can be a safety issue.

They asked the board to approve revisions to the existing rule currently in the Little Rock School District Student Handbook 2010-2011.

Those revisions call for the use or possession of a beeper, cellular phone or other electronic communication device on a school campus, a school bus, or at a school-related activity during the regular school day to be prohibited.

The group proposed punishment for any student caught in possession of a device to lose possession of the device and possible suspension.

The Board asked the group to make changes to the proposal and they will re-address the topic on August 26.
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