Trial begins for Arkansas man accused in 5 deaths

Witnesses took the stand for the first time today in the trial of a hot springs man accused in the shooting deaths of five people. Investigators say the killings occurred during a botched robbery. Four of the bodies were found in a burned mobile home. The other body was found in a home next door.
Day two of the murder trial under way in Garland County
Day two of the murder trial under way in Garland County
More than a dozen people took the stand inside this courthouse today. That includes investigators, victim's family members, and in one of the most revealing testimonies - the defendant's former girlfriend.

Samuel Conway didn't have much to say inside or outside of the courthouse today.

Conway didn't testify, but the mother of his child did. Shayla Kriese told prosecutors the November 2009 night five people were murdered, she saw Conway leave her home with two other men, all dressed in black.

One had a gun.

They returned later with stolen tv's and Jeremy Gentry's ID. Jeremy Gentry wass one of the people killed that night. Karen Gentry McNeely also took the stand and called the experience terrifying.

That night in 2009 she lost her father, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew.

"To sit finally for our day in court is terrifying not knowing what the outcome is gonna be,” McNeely said. “Not knowing if, you know, they're gonna get loose or if, how long is this going to continue on. It’s just…everything is emotional and just terrifying."

That feeling will likely continue for McNeely at least until Friday. This case has a witness list of more than 50 people.
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