Trooper fired in Dyer traffic stop withdraws appeal

Trooper fired in Dyer traffic stop withdraws appeal

The Arkansas State Police say a trooper fired because of poor judgment shown during the traffic stop of Michael Dyer has withdrawn the appeal of his termination.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A former Arkansas state trooper has withdrawn the appeal of his firing that followed a traffic stop of ex-Arkansas State running back Michael Dyer, whom he let go after finding a gun and alleged marijuana during the incident.

State police said Tuesday that Royce Denney has notified the agency he wouldn't appeal his termination.

Denney stopped Dyer on March 10 and video of the stop revealed he kept a pistol and dumped suspected marijuana before writing Dyer a speeding ticket. Police found Denney used poor judgment and didn't follow the law.

Dyer was a star tailback for Auburn and was part of a national title team in 2011. He transferred to ASU after Auburn suspended him indefinitely after last season and has since been dismissed from the Red Wolves.

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Letter from Denney to Colonel Howard:

This letter is to inform you that I am recalling my appeal and request for a hearing before the Arkansas State Police Commission.

It is with deep regret that the circumstances have escalated to [this media circus which has tarnished my reputation and that of the Arkansas State Police]. I believe in the Code of Honor shared in the Law enforcement community. I am no longer bound by the belief that Troopers should give complete support to each other. If I wanted to engage in the tactics that have been used against me, I could reveal, to the press and the Commission, numerous incidents more sever than mine that have gone unpunished. I encourage you to look more closely into numerous incidents throughout your organization and compare the severity of punishment delivered.

All I wanted to happen was to be able to resign my position instead of being terminated. Had I known, a the very first meeting, the way this matter would transpire, I would have requested it at that time. I was not made aware that you considered this to be a matter for which termination was a possibility. The reason I asked my attorney to request the termination be set aside and allow me to resign, was to provide a way I could move on in a career outside of Law Enforcement.

I would like to think, in the interest of ASP and myself, that the resignation could be accepted “in the course of settling the appeal” and I would again ask that you consider this request.

The media has already allowed non-confirmed statements out that further damage my reputation. I would hope the same does not happen between the media and the ASP.
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