Two-Way Radios Used By Criminals In Three LR Cases

Two-Way Radios Used By Criminals In Three LR Cases

Agencies say criminals will do whatever it takes.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark -- Two-way radios and police scanners are what law enforcement agencies say criminals use to avoid capture in some cases. That includes Thursday's officer involved shooting in LIttle Rock.

The burglary report happened at Linden Court Condos just before six Thursday morning.

Investigators say they found a two way radio in the suspect's car, leading them to Kenzell Hobbs. He was shot and killed by police after opening fire.

Gary Coleman, Junior and Roy Lee Boles are now charged with capital murder, even though they did not pull the trigger. But they were with Hobbs at the time, which is why they are being charged.

Officer Steve Gorbet is the person who shot Hobbs. He is on leave, which is standard procedure.

The incident Thursday is not the only case involving the use of radios by suspects. Back in December, police investigated a rash of business robberies.

In at least two of the cases, victims reported radios being used.

Not connected to the Little Rock case, Pulaski County Sheriff's Lieutenant Carl Minden says criminals use radios, scanners, and even phones to keep from getting caught.

"It could be the simplest two way radio from Walmart or Radio Shack, they've used those things in the past," said Minden.

Police say they have not connected the suspects arrested Thursday to any other crime.

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