Two Women Robbed at Gunpoint in Hillcrest

Two young women walking home from a restaurant in Hillcrest Wednesday night were robbed at gunpoint.
LITTLE ROCK- Two young women walking home from a restaurant in Hillcrest Wednesday night were robbed at gunpoint.

Little Rock Police are looking for the man they say stole a purse and the women's cell phones. Both women say the man took much more than their personal items. He stole their sense of security, but they want others to know what happened in hopes of catching the man and preventing other people from becoming victims.

What started off as just two friends meeting up at The Oyster Bar turned into what they both describe as one of the most terrifying experiences in their lives. "He has my ID in my wallet with my home address, my car keys, and my house keys."

That's why they don't want to reveal their names. They're afraid and feeling vulnerable. "I saw him come out from behind the car and we didn't have time to react and turn and walk way."

They say a man held them up at gunpoint and demanded their purses and cell phones. They say they didn't realize what was happening until they couldn't get away. "I threw my hands up in the air and said all I have is my keys and he told us to walk away. "

They complied and ran away looking for help. The suspect got away with more than just items in a purse, a wallet and cell phone. The women say while they're grateful he didn't physically harm them, they're nervous and still shaken up over what happened. "No one should have to go through this and feel this insecure and unsafe."

The women say it's going to take some time before the feel comfortable walking home from a restaurant again. They're more cautious now, and that's what they want other people to know. This could have happened to anyone.

The suspect is described as about 6 feet tall, weighing 200 pounds, and was wearing a fedora hat and dark clothing at the time of the mugging. He was driving a gray sedan.

Anyone who may have seen someone in the Hillcrest area matching that description is asked to call police.
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