UCA campus shooting suspects charged, weapon found

UCA campus shooting suspects charged, weapon found

Suspects in the UCA campus shooting are being charged with capital murder and eight counts each of a committing a terrorist act.

UCA campus shooting suspects charged

UCA Shooting suspect
UCA Shooting suspect
UCA shooting suspect
UCA shooting suspect
UCA shooting suspect
UCA shooting suspect
Block was killed after a shooting on UCA's campus
Block was killed after a shooting on UCA's campus
Henderson died during shots fired at UCA campus
Henderson died during shots fired at UCA campus
Little Rock, AR. Four men, all under the age of 21 face two counts of capital murder and a long list of other charges.  Tuesday evening, a source close to the investigation confirmed to FOX16 News the murder weapon was found.

UCA police investigators were back out at the scene early Tuesday evening looking for a shell casing near Arkansas Hall.  Shortly after, the semi-automatic handgun used in the double-murder was located off campus but inside Conway city limits, sources tell FOX16.

At a Tuesday afternoon briefing to announce charges, police for the first time said the shooting may have resulted from mistaken identity.

"The victims, it appears that they were not the intended targets," says Preston Grumbles with the UCA police.  Grumbles added the intended targets of Sunday night's shooting were not UCA students and are no longer on campus and adds UCA students are not at any threat for retaliation.

Mario Toney, 20 of Little Rock, Brandon Wade, 20 of Lake Village, Kelcey Perry, 19 of Morrilton and Kawin Brockman, 19 of Conway are charged with two counts each of capital murder. They also face eight counts each of committing a terrorist act, illegally possessing a firearm, firing a weapon from a car and having a handgun on a public school property.

"This is an incredibly heinous case," says Marcus Vaden, prosecuting attorney for the 20th judicial district.  When you have a situation where it appears some, if not all, of the victims were innocent bystanders, that's bad," Vaden says.

All four suspects are being held without bond, until their first court appearance which is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

UCA Press Release

CONWAY, ARK. -- First State Bank of Conway, Ark., has established an account to accept donations for the families of Chavares Block and Ryan Henderson, who lost their lives in the Oct. 26 shooting incident at the University of Central Arkansas.

To donate to the Block-Henderson Memorial Fund, please visit any First State Bank location or call 501-328-HOME. (A list of branch locations is available at http://www.fsbhome.com/branches.html.)

All funds received will be provided to the two families to help them through their difficult time.

UCA remembers students

Investigators now have four men in custody in connection with the shooting deaths of two UCA students on campus Sunday night. 

UCA cancelled all classes for Monday and right now are remembering the two students killed.

Investigators say they don't believe it's a random act but they are not getting into how the gunmen knew the victims, if at all.

The campus is back open but the wounds will take longer to close.  "This is something you absolutely pray never happens, but it happened," says Lt. Preston Grumbles with the UCA Police Department.

"I was watching TV and we heard a bunch of gunshots," says UCA freshman Sarah Wilson.

Moments later, two UCA students were dead. A third victim was shot in the leg.  Police are looking for one more suspect. Three others are in custody and being questioned but investigators won't say much else.

"As far as the involvement of all four individuals, we're still piecing that together as far as what involvement each one of them had," says UCA police Lt. Preston Grumbles

Classes were cancelled Monday, the campus was mostly quiet.   It was a sharp contrast to the confusion and fear freshman Sarah Wilson witnessed the night before. "It was a little unbelievable that it happened," Wilson says

There are still reminders where the double homicide happened between a fine arts building and a residence hall.

"This is a tragedy," Courtway says.

Now UCA mourns its victims; Ryan Henderson, 18, a freshman from Little Rock who lived in Arkansas Hall and sophomore Chavares Block, 19, a pre-engineering major from Dermott.

"We express our deepest sympathy and offer our prayers and thoughts to the families of the two UCA students who lost their lives," Courtway says.

"I'm really sorry to those families that lost their children and brothers," Wilson says. "I really hope that they make it through this hard time."

Police are also looking at surveillance cameras purchased after the Virginia Tech massacre in April 2007.

Classes will resume Tuesday. Also, Tuesday will include a vigil at the Ida Waldron Auditorium at 1:40pm.
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