UPDATE: Community Helps Mother Purchase Headstones

UPDATE: Community Helps Mother Purchase Headstones

Funeral home is donating headstones to mother losing 2 daughters within 5 months.
UPDATE: Griffin Leggett Funeral Homes is donating a headstone for Elizabeth Graves.

Operations Director Kim Thibodaux says she was touched by the woman's unfortunate experience.

"It is just a great thing that I can bring some closure all the way for her," said Thibodaux.   

Thibodaux was watching the story air Tuesday night and wanted to help.

Graves is overwhelmed with joy.

"This right here means more to me than words can express."

Many people called the FOX16 newsroom asking for ways to help, but a generous Arkansan has already stepped forward to assist.

Feb. 26 Report:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Elizabeth Graves lost two daughters within five months, then learns she has cancer. Now the Saline County woman searches for peace by buying headstones for her daughters, but doesn't have the money.

Tamara Skaggs died in June after committing suicide. Elizabeth says the 15-year-old faced bullying at school.

"She would say mom 'If this is as good as the world gets, then what's left.' But I would tell her we should pray it does get better," said Graves.

As she began to heal from Tamara's death, her oldest daughter died in a car accident on I-630 in November. She still remembers what doctors told her about 22-year-old Sara Besancon.

"There is no brain activity, there is no nothing. So we pulled life support at 10:30 that morning and I began planning her funeral," said Graves.

It was funeral number two for Graves. Elizabeth says she ran out of money to buy her daughters' headstones, which she says will help her find peace.

"I hope as I come out here and see it, that it helps to somehow mentally really start the healing process on Sara and Tamara. I don't have any other way," said Graves.

Elizabeth is saving for the purchase. But there is a problem. Elizabeth found out she has cancer last year. The medical costs are preventing her from buying the headstones.

Until she has enough money to buy headstones, she will continue to remember her daughters by visiting their graves.

"I'm gonna keep coming out here and keep praying and keep asking for that peace that surpasses all."

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