UPDATE: School board approves personnel policies

The Pulaski County Special School District school board approved the final Personnel Policies Committee proposal. The vote was 4-2.
The Pulaski County Special School District school board approved the final Personnel Policies Committee proposal.  The vote was 4-2.

This decision means certified staff vote Wednesday on whether to approve the Personnel Policies Committee.  FOX16 spoke with the district's attorney and asked him if it's approved, would it replace the union, and he says yes. That does not sit well with union supporters who rallied after the meeting.

Union supporters saying that because when they vote Wednesday the proposal includes an $1,100 or $1,800 dollar bonus.  All of these people packed the board meeting, which started late, and included nearly an hour long recess. Then things of course stayed heated.  Charlie Wood voted for Wednesday's vote to take place.  Gwen Williams did not.

Now remember the union contract is still in place and the judge said the Personnel Policies Committee wouldn't be allowed because it wasn't put in place on time.  However, the district's attorney says if certified staff members vote for the Personnel Policies Committee, that replaces the union.
At 5:30, the Pulaski County Special School District school board held a special meeting to make a decision impacting thousands of its employees and how they're represented.

Monday night, the board should finalize plans for the district's Personnel Policies Committee. It would replace the union. Most districts in Arkansas have Personnel Policies Committees instead of unions.

Right now, the PACT union still exists because a judge ordered it.

The Pulaski County Special School District school board will listen to a final report from the chair of the Personnel Policies Committee which is made up of staff, teachers and administrators.

It would replace the Union, PACT, if and when PACT goes away. As of now, that's not happening. A judge ordered the school district and PACT to enter into mediations to negotiate a new agreement. Last month, the sides agreed to disagree.

PACT says its current teachers contract is still valid. Despite the union's opinion backed up by court rulings, the district keeps moving forward with its own personnel committee.

It's unknown how both this new Personnel Policies Committee and the union would co-exist since the policies would be different.
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