University of Arkansas System Prepare to Beef Up Online Degree Program

U of A System says explosion of not for profit schools will not demolish its Institution.

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Getting your degree online is booming.

It’s a great way for working people or those with children to get that Bachelor’s or Masters, without ever having to step foot in a

But the University of Arkansas System has this explosion will not demolish its Institution.

Students that attend U of A at Little Rock prefer seeing their peers and professors face to face.

“Like let’s say I can go to Jesse and be like, hey I don’t understand this, I can go to you and you can explain it to me,” said Julius

However, the University says it recognizes the burst of online Universities, their success and convenience, so it’s time to compete.

Students like Des Juan agree, he is taking his first online lab class, something he says could be better.

“Kind of keeping up with the students on a daily basis, maybe send out emails,” said Juan.

Recent statistics show an increase of more and 200 percent in enrollment for online Universities, while traditional Universities grew at a much lower rate, 25 percent.

The U of A System is in its early planning stages and will reveal more of its strategies at a later date.

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