Update: Continued Troubles at Arkansas Baptist College

School leaders believe recent pranks are in retaliation for delayed financial aid checks.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -  Arkansas Baptist College leaders are trying to do two things these days: figure out who's responsible for pulling the fire alarm as a prank and also calm an angry student body that's upset about their financial aid.

The false alarms have been happening at Charles Ripley Hall since the weekend.

Campus security ordered everyone out of the dorm Monday night and had to spray students who ignored their commands.

But school leaders believe this is all in retaliation to the delayed checks. A hack in the system earlier this semester is causing financial aid leaders to have to manually process applications.

"I think students need to understand the college hasn't received those funds so when students receive aid, the colleges are then paid also," says LaCreesha Newton, spokeswoman for the College.

A new financial aid director is expected to arrive onto campus in the next few weeks.
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