Update: Jacksonville High student steals gun from teacher ; both arrested

Police have arrested a Jacksonville High School teacher and a student after the student stole a loaded gun from her purse.
Jacksonville High School
Jacksonville High School
JACKSONVILE, AR - Jacksonville High school senior Jacarious Jordan says barely anyone could focus in class after hearing about a loaded gun on campus.

"I feel like se put all of us in danger when she brought the gun here," Jordan said.

Jacksonville police investigators say a student noticed a gun in the teacher's purse. He grabbed it and concealed it in his pants. The word traveled to the principal's office pretty quickly and the principal looked into it and called police.

"This is a very unfortunate situation,” Dr. Jerry Guess, PCSSD Superintendent said. “No excuse, but I think we reacted well to the situation and did keep the children in the school safe."

Guess says the teacher told police she forgot about the weapon. But simply forgetting doesn't make light of the situation.

"It's a matter of the law being broken and of course there will be consequences," Guess said.

"You wonder what kind of safeguards they have in place, are they enforcing them and hopefully they learn from this and find corrections to prevent this from happening again," parent Mark Goodvine said.

Goodvine hopes the district takes new measures as a result of this. Meanwhile, students wonder how the teacher could be so careless when everyday, they pass this sign reminding them that weapons aren't allowed on campus.

"She's the teacher,” Jordan said. “She gets a handbook like we do. We don't have guns here, any weapons here. Why should she?”

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