Update: Shooting outside of the Conway Police Department

Update: Shooting outside of the Conway Police Department

A shooting in front of the Conway Police Department has left one man dead and a family devastated.
A Conway man is in jail charged with first degree murder. He’s accused of shooting a man in front of his kids outside the Conway Police Department.  The victim's girlfriend, who saw the whole thing, is devastated.

“I love you mama. I can’t believe he’s gone mama,” one of Deranda Carter’s children said.

Her boyfriend, Chris Childress and their three children were all inside the beige Durango when the shooting started. Several bullets from a .45 caliber handgun hit Childress at close range.

“I don't know what I’m going to do. I really don't....he was shot right here (points to side of head),” she said.

Police say 21 year-old Cortez Waller shot Childress, then walked inside the police department, just yards away, to turn himself into police.  Childress died later at the hospital. They are not talking about motive just yet, but Carter is.

“He wanted to be with me and I would not be with him. And, he told me he would do anything to get me,” she said.

Carter says her children, ages six, four, and two were screaming the entire time the shooting was taking place. She also says that the Waller worked with her at Heritage Living Center. She recently quit because of his advances.

Alex Sellers, a witness, said the two men were having a confrontation in the parking lot before four or five shots were fired.

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