Update: Suspect Captured in Downtown Bank Robbery

Update: Suspect Captured in Downtown Bank Robbery

Arvest branch held up Tuesday afternoon.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Little Rock Police Department has a suspect in custody after a bank robbery.

It happened this afternoon around 2:20 at Capitol & Broadway downtown at a branch of Arvest Bank.

Reports from the scene reveal the suspect was in custody within minutes, along with evidence from the crime. Police say he was sitting just around the corner, waiting to be arrested.

He's identified as Carlderrick Willis, 34, of El Dorado.

According to the police report, Willis demanded cash when he told a teller "this is a stickup."

Police say Willis was not armed.

"Whenever you have an incident like this you don't know what to expect. It's a possibility, although he didn't display a weapon. You don't know what the indiviual is capable of," said Little Rock Police Department spokeswoman Sgt Cassandra Davis at the scene.

Willis is being charged with felony theft and aggravated robbery.

Police were surprised by how easily he gave himself up and even wonder if he planned to get caught.
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