Victims, suspect identified in deadly Little Rock shooting

Police have identified the victims and suspect involved in a Little Rock shooting that left two people dead and another injured.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - "I really won't accept it until I see his body. It hurts."

It's hard for Arnie Gay to imagine her grandson Charles Murry Junior gone forever. He died Tuesday on Thayer street. Little Rock Police say a neighbor saw Murry headed toward a resident's house.

Murry is accused of shooting Gabar Gelszeghy outside the home, and then going inside to shoot and kill Gyorgy Posan.

When he ran from the house, he encountered Officer Terry McDaniel.

He says murry waved a gun - so he shot and killed him.

"I don't teach none of them to go and steal,” Gay said. “I always tell then how would you feel if someone came to your home and took anything."

Gay says she wanted to help her grandson get on the right track. The two of them had talked about Job Corps, especially after the 19-year-old got out of jail a few weeks ago.

"He had gotten to the place where he was secluded in his own world,” Gay said. “He wouldn’t communicate with me anymore."

Customers see this wreath where Gyorgy worked. The placed is closed as employees mourn. His neighbors are cautious, skeptical about anyone unfamiliar in their area.

"It puts everyone on alert to watch what's going on in the neighborhood," neighbor Debbie Carter said.

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