Vigil Held To Remember Park Plaza Mall Shooting Victim

Planners pray for peace.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A prayer service is held at the Daisy Bates and Martin Luther King intersection, in honor of Little Rock's latest murder victim.

Planners prayed for peace.

"It does sadden us but we have to keep everyone abreast and aware," said planner Derotha Webb McIntosh
Investigators say 18-year-old Deonte Edison and 20-year-old Tristan Bryant are responsible for shooting and killing 25 -year- old Christian Hayes, plus 18-year-old Jashonta Thomas who is in critical condition.

Police say the motive was robbery.

"We want to try and band together like in the old days when the community took care of itself. That included the doctors, the lawyers, the school districts, the business man, the congressman. Everyone ," said McIntosh.

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