Violent crime is down in Little Rock

Violent crime is down in Little Rock

Little Rock's police chief says violent crime is down citywide 4% year-to-year.
Tuesday night, Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas announced violent crime is down four-percent citywide year-to-year.
Overall, crime is slightly up. Thomas presented the numbers at Tuesday's Board of Director's meeting.

City directors want to see fewer overall crimes, and more officers on the streets.

Little Rock has had more murders so far this year than any year since 2008.

Robberies and larcenies are also on the rise.

Tuesday night, Mayor Mark Stodola mentioned he met with the other mayors from Pulaski County and they plan on proposing a way to help fund the new beds at the jail by early next week.

32 new police officers hit the streets in December. Then, another training class starts in December, putting those officers on the force in May. A third class in July should get the department back up to being fully staffed.
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