WM3 documentary makes Little Rock debut

Before the official release of "West of Memphis, " the new WM3 documentary by Peter Jackson, you can see it in Arkansas.
Before the official release of Peter Jackson's new WM3 documentary, West of Memphis, you can see it in Little Rock at the Market Street Cinema.

Wednesday night, those who have followed the case from its beginning lined up to see it.

The film was also produced by Damien Echols and his wife, Lorri.

Carol Barton liked the film so much after she saw it in Tennessee, she showed up Wednesday night to see it a second time.

"There are additions to it, and I probably missed something. It was really good," says Barton.

Susan Heffington is from West Memphis. She knows one of the WM3's mothers.

"Three young men that decided to do some kind of ritualistic murder of little kids, it would have been a lot messier and more evidence," says Heffington.

Both women side with the film's theme of digging deeper into the DNA evidence to find the real killer of three young boys so many years ago.

Both also hope for the best for the three men who recently regained their freedom.

"I'm hoping that the movie will tell a little bit more about their side. It's what I've heard it does, and I hope that they make something out of their lives, and that they're able to carry on with a normal life," adds Heffington.

"Exonerate Damien, Jason and Jessie and go after the real killer, Arkansas. Quit embarrassing yourself," said Barton.

The film screenings are free and the next one is Thursday night at 7 at Market Street Cinema.

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