What to do if you're not sure the car pulling you over is actually a police officer

What to do if you're not sure the car pulling you over is actually a police officer

An investigation into what started as a police impersonation case has many people on alert. Here are things to do if you're not sure the person trying to pull you over is a real officer.
There is new information in an investigation that started off as a possible police impersonation case. Searcy Police tell FOX16 the man who used a blue light to pull over a Searcy woman is in fact a reserve deputy with the Woodruff County Sheriff's Department.

According to a police report, Searcy Police got a complaint about man a driving an unmarked truck using a blue light to pull over a woman on highway 64 between Bald Knob and Augusta in Woodruff County.  He later visited her at her work.

Word of the incident traveled through the area fast and left some people alarmed.

"I've heard that story many times over the years it would scare me," says Raleigh Barrett.

Searcy Police officers have learned the man is a reserve Deputy for Woodruff County where the incident took place. They turned it over to Arkansas State Police to investigate. Still, Searcy Police want you to know what to do if you get pulled over by an unmarked car.

The first step is to call the local department before you stop. "When you call, it also tells the officer that yes you're acknowledging them and you're waiting until you get to a well lit area or a well populated area to pull over," says Terry Lee Public Information Officer for Searcy Police.

Another good idea is to turn your flashers on or your signal and slow down, if it's a real officer this lets them know you do intend to stop and once you do, it's okay to ask some questions. "When they come up to the vehicle they should state what agency they're with, you can ask for identification that's completely in your right as a citizen to know where they're coming from," says Lee.

Lee adds a real officer won't hesitate to give you that information because they want you to feel safe.

We've talked to Police in Conway, Little Rock and Pine Bluff about what you should do in this situation. The advice is much the same as Searcy's, but Conway and Little Rock Police say unmarked units do not make routine or misdemeanor traffic stops, they'll call for a marked unit to make the stop. Pine Bluff Police say unmarked units do make traffic stops but a marked unit will also come to the scene.
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