Where Are They Now: Joe Aaron

Where Are They Now: Joe Aaron

Co-Creator of the hit cartoon "Doug", Arkansan Joe Aaron, joins Fox16 Good Day to talk about upcoming projects.

Children of the 90's remember Doug Funnie. The cartoon aired in 1991 along with Rugrats and the Ren and Stimpy show as one of the original three Nicktoons.

Doug centered around topics such as puppy love, rumors and him of course trying to date his classmate Patti Mayonnaise.

The creator of the show is arkansas native, Joe Aaron.  Joe kicks off Fox16 Good Day's "Where Are They Now Week."

Joe is also an Emmy award winning writer of "Autism the Musical "

Joe travels back to the Natural State to work on his new project "Guttersnipes."  Being a parent of an autistic child, Joe knows all to well the challenges people with autism face. 

The film depicts the relationship between a homeless teenage girl and an abandoned 12-year-old autistic girl on a quest to find their mothers. It explores themes in race relations, autism awareness and female empowerment. Guttersnipes will be shot in Arkansas.

For more information, find Guttersnipes at Facebook.com/Guttersnipesfilm or visit online at GuttersnipesFilm.com.

Watch the posted video for the full interview.

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