Winter storm driving conditions

Winter storm driving conditions

The weather is creating quite a mess on the roads as people try to get around on the roads Christmas Day.

The weather is creating quite a mess on the roads as people try to get around on the roads Christmas Day.

Conditions and gradually deteriorated over the course of the evening as rain quickly turned to sleet and drivers started slipping and slidding all over the roads.

Some people were trying to get to Christmas parties while others were just trying to get gas for generators. Because of all the power outages, people say they don’t like the winter wonderland.

Lights at interchanges are dark all over Little Rock due to trees downing power lines. Uprooted tree blocking roadways making sure drivers can't get through.

Kim Tally was planning on driving to El Paso to visit her mom and dad. "I think I'll be staying home now."

Drivers splashed through the streets with the wind and ice making roads slippery. A layer of freezing cold rain coated all surfaces.

Road crews load up trucks with sand to sprinkle the highways. Karen Garrett says her biggest concern is having no power. "Our electricity went out at our house, so we're trying to get our generator started. We need gas for the generator."

Most people just wanted to be at home, safe and warm rather than out in the winter weather. Tally says her friend is out of electricity and has not heat. "I came out to get a propane exchange, but then the lights went out before I could get checked out."

Many people say they're nervous about the snowfall totals, wondering how they stay warm overnight and get to work in the morning. Garrett says she doesn't think she'll be making it to work Wednesday. "My boss will probably expect me to be at work, but I doubt I will. I'm not driving my car in this crap."

Monica Pritchett says she isn't going to let this weather wreck her holiday plans and is braving the roads. "I've got 4-wheel drive." She says she's determined to make the most of Christmas not matter what nature brings.

State troopers stationed along Interstate 40 are just waiting on the side of the road to help stranded drivers. A few cars spinning off into the ditches had to be towed out.

According to the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management no injuries have been reported due to the storm.
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