Witnesses react to Gould Mayor attack

Witnesses react to Gould Mayor attack

Gould Mayor Earnest Nash says he was hit in the head with a gun by a city council member's brother. He says he approached the group because they were harassing his family.
GOULD, AR - Hours after Gould Mayor Earnest Nash told Fox16 he was pistol-whipped by a city council member's brother, Thursday, another council member, Sonya Farley, rolled up in a car during a live interview with the Mayor.

The Mayor said she was present at the altercation. Farley asked if anyone knew the truth.

Friday, Fox16 asked Farley what she meant on Thursday before she was escorted away by police. She refused to comment.

"The brother came up there and hit him with his fist. He didn't hit him with no pistol. He hit him with his fist," said one witness. But the Mayor says he was hit in the head with a gun.

"Last night could have been my last night," said the Mayor.

Dressed in a clean bandage, Mayor Earnest Nash admits he approached the group of council members but stands by what he told Fox16 Thursday night.

"If they'll attack the Mayor, what does that say for the rest of the community? What will they do to anybody else in the community?"

No criminal charges have been filed against anyone yet. State Police responded with their Criminal Investigations Unit and say they are still questioning witnesses and interviewing those involved. Once the investigation wraps, a criminal case file will be sent to the Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney. That's when Nash plans to press charges.
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