Woman to Speak Against Abortion at Senate Comm. Mtg

Woman to Speak Against Abortion at Senate Comm. Mtg

Little Rock woman will go before a Senate committee addressing her concerns surrounding a bill banning abortions at 20-weeks.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Little Rock woman will appear before the Senate committee on public health, welfare, and labor Wednesday, voicing her support against a measure banning abortions at 20 weeks.

At 20 weeks, Sarah Orsborn found out one of her twin daughters had spina bifida.

"Basically part of her spine was outside of her body," said Orsborn.

The mother had to choose whether to have an abortion or deliver. Orsborn decided to deliver.

"Even though we got bad news about spina bifida, it is a very manageable condition. Our daughter will be able to get care and lead a full life," said Orsborn.

But she understands why some situations would make some women choose to terminate their pregnancy

"I think there are a lot of scenarios where someone would find out something that can't be helped by medicine, can't be treated and would feel the more compassionate thing to do is to end the pregnancy there," said Orsborn.

However, Candi Cox, who has had an abortion, says despite the circumstances, abortions are wrong.

"It wasn't until the moment of my abortion did I realize that I had chosen to take the life of my child. Now 22 years later, I can tell you there has not been a day gone by that I have regretted that decision," said Cox.

Cox now uses the decision to talk about the controversial topic.

"The only difference between the 20 week baby inside of the mom's womb and the two minute old baby on the outside of the womb, is growth and location.," said Cox.

But come Wednesday morning, Orsborn will stand firm and go before a Senate committee. Lawmakers meet at 10.

"The 20 week cutoff is cruel," said Orsborn.

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