Students, Parents Brace for Deseg Cuts


SHERWOOD, AR -- Principals in the Pulaski County Special School District are learning what programs on their campuses are ending because of the settled desegregation case.

At Clinton Elementary School in Sherwood, this will mean the end of the communications program and the technology program that many parents feel made the school stand out from the others.

These are two programs of about fifteen across the district that will cease when school ends in May.

They were available because of desegregation funding.

P.T.A. members at Clinton Elementary said they will fight to keep these programs going.

"We're talking about giving the school the opportunity to succeed and allow parents in the association the opportunity to have these conversations out on the table.  What can we do as an association to support those programs ourselves before they are completely cut?" said Meredith Poland.

District leaders said they understand these are popular programs being cut, but they can't afford to keep all of them.  Clinton P.T.A. members have called a special meeting to find ways to keep the programs going.

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