Students Steal the Show at School Board Meeting

Little Rock, AR - The Pulaski County Special School District Advisory Board met on Monday.  It was a packed house at the meeting, as dozens of parents, politicians, and even students were focused on letting their opinions be heard. 

Recently the PCSSD said 20 million dollars had to be cut, as desegregation payments are coming to an end in 2018. 

The district will make changes in bus routes, staffing, and popular programs. 

Programs on the chopping block include communication classes and technology classes at Clinton Elementary in Sherwood.  Most of the people at the advisory board meeting were opposed to these changes.

While several spoke, two students stole the show.

Carre' Sadler is a former student at Clinton, "If these programs leave the opportunities with them leave as well," she said.

"It would be a crime to anyone that has, is, and will participate in these activities."

Dominic Diamond is the Student Body President at Clinton, "As a fifth grader and one who has learned so much here at Clinton, I'm disappointed to hear that my little sister and younger generations may not have the opportunities I had to learn the different aspects of public speaking, drama, and technology," he said

"For some this is the only chance they will have to receive special training in speech and technology."

"I sincerely ask Superintendent Guess and this advisory board to please, please leave the legacy of Clinton Elementary intact."
"Please do not remove our specialty programs, thank you."

Both students were praised with clapping.

In the end no vote was taken, but Board Member Daniel Gray did tell the crowd he hopes for continued open dialogue and no cuts are final as of yet.

Dr. Jerry Guess said of the changes, that it's important to be proactive, "We have to react to these things now, we have to make plans, we have to make changes, and I believe we are going to do that, and I believe do that to the continued great service of our students."

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