Surveillance Video Provides Break in Pine Bluff Attack Case

PINE BLUFF, AR - A Pine Bluff man has been left with multiple injuries after police say several suspects in an SUV attacked him on June 30.

According to the report, 26-year-old Andrew Lawson was forced into a vehicle and then taken to a Pine Bluff hair salon.  It was there, surveillance video shows a fight went from the vehicle to the parking lot.

Police say Lawson was shot, beaten, and nearly run over.

Lawson said, "I was surprised that it happened."

"I'm amazed that I survived, and I'm amazed that someone could do that to another person."

Lawson doesn't recall much of the attack, "I remember him falling backwards shooting the gun, and I remember looking in my car, and there wasn't a car key, and I remember going through grass to try to find some help."

"When you're struggling with someone else who has a gun who is being ill to you, at that point when the gun was slipping, I thought ok, this might be the coming death or whatever, I was about to die."

This week, days after the attack, a crucial piece of evidence is uncovered. The local business where the attack happened had damaged to its building, so the owner went to security camera video, which happened to capture the whole attack.

Officer Richard Wegner from the Pine Bluff Police Department said, "Prior to the video coming in the case really didn't have anywhere to go, because the victim was not able to tell us much information about who the suspects were, other than just general descriptions."

"On a case like this where someone is taken from point A to point B, and they happen to park in front of an exterior camera, that's going to be on the rare side."

Not only is this a possible break in the case, it also gives Lawson a chance to see the attack he lived to talk about.

Police ask that anyone who may recognize the men in the video, or anyone who knows anything about the case to contact them. 

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