Conway Residents Warn Of Aggressive Solicitor

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- One Conway neighborhood is on high alert, after they say a man did more than try to sell magazines. Residents say a man going door to door in their neighborhood was pushy and confrontational when they didn't make a purchase.

"I felt real uneasy. When people say I'm not interested in what your selling, leave, normally salesmen leave, and he just wouldn't leave," says William Burley, resident.

William Burley is one of many neighbors who called police this week to report a man selling magazines, "It didn't look like he was selling anything. He didn't have a brief case, he didn't have a note book, he didn't have a pen and paper in hand like he was ready to do some legitimate business. He was just walking around with his hands in his pocket."

It's when people refused to buy or make a donation when things changed.
"I opened the door and I said I'd like to see some identification and he said oh I'm not going to show you any and I said I'd like to know who you work for, and he said I'm not going to tell you," says Burley.

Burley says after telling him to leave a number of times, the man took a picture of him.
"He was just very aggressive, very cocky and I'm sure he was up to no good," says Burley.

When police came out to the neighborhood, he didn't have identification on him, but after running a report, they found he was wanted out of Georgia for soliciting without a permit. According to the police report, dispatch said police was outside extradition limits for that warrant. So police warned him to honor neighbors request when they ask him to leave.
"I don't think he intended to sell magazines that's for sure. I think it was just his way to get in the door," says Burley.

After police left, they got more calls. Neighbors who chose not to open their front doors say the man was "jiggling" door handles to see if the doors would open.
"This guy didn't offer anything other than he wanted some money," says Burley.

Conway Police came back to the neighborhood and gave the man a criminal trespass warning. He left the area immediately.

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