Pulaski Tech Student Gov. Assoc. Votes No Confidence In College President

- NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR- An Arkansas college in the midst of controversy following the firing of a philosophy teacher in September 2013.

The Pulaski Technical College Student Government Associated voted 9-3 Wednesday, it has no confidence in Pulaski Tech President Margaret Ellibee. The vote comes after Ellibee didn't approve an investigation, the Senate Faculty Committee voted to conduct February 5th, into the firing of long-time philosophy instructor Lyndel Roe. Some students and faculty believe Roe was wrongly terminated, after a student made sexual allegations against him.

"By listening to those tapes, I am convinced that this college did some wrong-doing," says James Bozeman, Pulaski Technical College Student Government Association President.

Pulaski Tech Student Government Association (SGA) President, James Bozeman says 10 hours of audio recordings could've saved Roe his job. But now, an investigation into the matter is put to a stop.

"Because it was a HR situation and case that is not within the scope of their employment to conduct investigation," says Margaret Ellibee, PTC President.

Ellibee says the facts the SGA presented Wednesday were not accurate. She disapproved an investigation into Roe's termination due to personnel matters.

"Mr. Roe did not produce those 10 hours during the grievance process at all. Those were brought forth after the grievance process had concluded," says Ellibee.
"And there's no way that the administration can review it even after..." asks FOX 16's Susanne Brunner.
"The case is closed," responds Ellibee.

Bozeman says the 10 hours of audio recordings were in fact presented during the grievance procedure, and should be looked at since they don't line up with the student's allegations.

"That evidence was introduced to the PTC Board of Trustees who turned a blind eye to the evidence and chose to take no action," says Bozeman.

Roe who is disappointed with Ellibee's decision, is even more concerned about Academic Freedom for all teachers at Pulaski Tech.

"If their case is as strong as they say it was in my termination, then what would the additional evidence and reoccuring of the case hurt?" says Lyndel Roe.

Roe says at this time he's contemplating over legal action and if it's worth doing at this time.

The Pulaski Tech College Board of Trustees issued a statement saying it supports Ellibee and "Our confidence in her abilities has not wavered."

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