UCA Students And Greek Members React To Hazing Incident

- CONWAY, AR- University of Central Arkansas Police make four additional arrests Friday night in connection to a fraternity hazing incident.

The new round of arrests comes one day after a fraternity leader was charged with battery and four counts of hazing.

UCA Officials say they have zero-tolerance for hazing. They make sure before any student joins a fraternity or sorority, they have to fill out a non-hazing form. However, some students told FOX 16 most of the time it's often ignored.

Sean Rast is with another fraternity on the UCA campus and said hazing is something he doesn't take lightly.

"We tell them all this is hazing and if you feel like something is wrong tell somebody. Like we want them to tell somebody," says Sean Rast, Kappa Kappa Psi.

Rast holds workshops for his fraternity members to ensure hazing is strictly prohibited and university policy is being followed.

"Personally I don't like hazing at all. If I saw it going on I would probably try to stop it," says Rast.

However, others welcome the initiation process.

"Definitely. I mean if the older guys go into it and they make it out alive, who says I can't do it?" unidentified UCA student.

One UCA student wanted to remain anonymous because he wants to join a fraternity. He believes people should earn their spot in the house.

"You get some letters you wear proudly around campus but you ain't got nothing to show for it. No work. Its like you won the trophy but didn't so anything to earn it," says unidentified UCA student.

Others say hazing is something you should expect when joining the Greek life.

"I got hazed a bit, but it's nothing, nothing too big," says Anthony Verge, UCA student. "If it crosses the line into physical damage an hurting people, I feel like people should get punished if people are gonna get hurt."

That's what happened early Wednesday morning. According to an arrest affidavit, a Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity paddling ceremony for four pledges, left one with whelps, bruises and unable to walk without out. It also said he was slapped in the face and eggs were thrown at them.

Police arrested frat leader 22-year-old Isaiah Christopher Ozuna on Thursday and four other members Friday. The incident came as a surprise to rast who didn't expect it to happen at UCA.

"You never know what goes behind closed doors I guess," says Rast.

The four additional frat members will be charged with four counts of hazing. UCA officials say the fraternity can no longer have chapter activities pending further investigation.

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