No Alarming Trends In FBI's Preliminary Crime Stats Report For Little Rock

- LITTLE ROCK, AR- The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released its Preliminary Uniform Crime Report this week.

The semi-annual report compares crimes between the months of January and June in 2012 and 2013 in Little Rock.

Depending on how you look at the report, an increase or decline, crime is still an ongoing battle in the capitol city.

"One year it will go up in violent crimes, property crimes but it will go back down the next year so that's actually pretty normal," says Tusty Ten Bensel, UALR Criminal Justice Faculty Member.

Tusty Ten Bensel is familiar with studying the crime rates in Little Rock. She says while some crime numbers are up, they don't appear alarming.

"Your crime rates are going to fluctuate from year to year," says Ten Bensel.

The number of violent crime and robbery reports went up slightly, while murder, rape and aggravated assault saw a decline in 2013.

The report also looks at property crime and burglary which saw a decline last year, compared to the year before. However, Larceny and car thefts along with arson increased.

These numbers help police focus on which areas need more attention.

"When we do see a spike, then we can focus more of our resources maybe on robbery," says Ten Bensel.

Now there are factors to consider such as a change in population.

"If there are more people in Little Rock, Arkansas, then you're likely to have more chances of being victimized or robbed," says Ten Bensel.

The numbers in the report are only crimes reported by police to the FBI. Some numbers could be unaccounted for if citizens failed to report a crime, which could be another reason why these numbers continue to fluctuate.

You can find the full preliminary crime report here.

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