Teen Murdered, His Younger Brother Reported Missing

GLENWOOD, Ark -- A Southwest Arkansas family is in turmoil. Earlier this month, Pike County authorities said an 18-year-old was murdered and investigators just announced the victim's 15-year-old brother had disappeared a couple of weeks before the murder. 

Tears stream down Paula Woods' cheeks. 

After nearly a year and a half in jail, on something Woods did not want to reveal, she got out Tuesday and arrived to her mother's Glenwood home with one of her sons' recently murdered and another son missing. 

"I'm doing alright right now," she said. "It comes and goes."

Pike County authorities said Woods' son Jody 'JoJo' Fogle, 18, was shot and killed nearly two weeks ago. The killer remains on the loose. 

Woods' other son, Jayce 'Jay' Fogle, 15, has been reported missing out of Monticello, since nearly two weeks before his brother's murder. 

"I'm just trying to hold out," said Woods.

Staying strong when Jody's murderer has yet to be brought to justice, is easier said than done for his cousin, Crystal Cogburn.

"I know that somebody knows something. I just wish they could man up and tell what they know," she said.

Cogburn believes her cousin Jayce was staying at a group home in Monticello.

"I know that Jayce has run away in the past," said Cogburn. "I had seen someone who said they had seen him and that he was okay."

One brother missing ... the other killed. Not the heartbreaking news Shirley Davis wanted her daughter to come home to. 

"I helped my daughter with them," said Davis. "It doesn't look like I did a good job, does it?"

Davis remembers the kind heart of her grandson Jody.

"He would help you if you needed help," she said.

While she pleads for the other grandson to stay safe. 

"Jayce, I love you hon. Just take care of yourself and come in, if you can," said Davis. 

Authorities said they are following up on any tips they get about Jody's murder and Jayce's whereabouts.

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