Tenants Move Out of Little Rock Motel Cited for Code Violations

Published 08/07 2014 06:05PM

Updated 08/07 2014 06:59PM

LITTLE ROCK, AR - "I'm not scared, I'm just mad," Hattie Temple, an Acme Motel tenant said.

For the first time in her life, Hattie Temple may not have a place to call home.

"They could have at least gave us enough days to go find us somewhere instead of saying 48 hours," Temple said.

She and dozens of others must move out of the Acme Motel by 5:00 p.m. Friday after the City of Little Rock slammed the place with multiple code violations.

"Raw sewage, sagging roof line," Gregory Summers, Little Rock Fire Chief, said.

Summers says the motel was a hazardous place for tenants and could have put firefighters in danger at risk during an emergency.

"The best approach was to shut the facility down and give him an opportunity to make wholesale repairs and bring it up to codes," Summers said.

"What are we supposed to do?" Kable Burnett asked.

Burnett says she understands the building is not at its best, but wishes the city had given her more time to find a home.

She says where she spends Friday night could be a first for her too.

"Homeless shelters for now I guess, I don't know." Burnett said.

Temple says the city provided them places where she and her neighbors could move to, but she just doesn't have that kind of money.

"The cheapest one that I found is 200 something dollars, I don't have 200 something dollars," Temple said.

The motel owner said he will refund tenants their remaining rent dollars but for Temple time would be a better offer.

"Everybody gotta find a place to go, on the fly, 48 hours. If we would have gotten evicted from our apartment at least we would have had 10 days," Temple said.

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